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Donation Opportunities

Sweep Oars & Sculling Blades

  • We currently own 20 sweep oars and are borrowing 8. Based on the number of sweep boats we have, we could get 32 sweep rowers on the water so we would need 4 more oars right now. Concept2 oars are $358 each.
  • Currently, we have five sets of sculling blades and we borrow everything else we use. Concept2 blades are $543 per set and we could use three more sets.

Cox Boxes
Right now, we have two cox boxes and five sweep boats so we could use three more. It is very difficult to run an effective practice when the rowers cannot hear the coxswain. They cost $629 which includes the cox box, headband, microphone, charger and shipping.

Ergs & Erg Room

  • Right now, we are using four of our personal ergs. We need many more to be competitive. A new erg costs about $1,000 but any condition would be welcome! If you would just like to lend us your erg, that would work too!
  • Do you know of a place where we could store our ergs and conduct erg sessions? Our boathouse is not big enough and transporting them back and forth is exhausting!

Small Launch with Tiller Steering
The launch we are borrowing is great but requires a vehicle and trailer to get it in the water. It would be easier to just roll a smaller launch down to the water. Also, both launches could be used to give the girls even more coaching. Estimated cost: $700. We also would need an engine for the launch, which costs $3,000.

Boat Trailer
Right now, our club has been kind enough to lend us their trailer but it does not fit eights. They probably cost about $10,000. This is what we use to get boats to races.

Yes, it’s the horse but the chariot helps too! Our immediate needs would be a quad, a double and an eight to race in. Manufacturers do not publish their prices but we think we could get new boats for as low as $25,000 for an eight, $15,000 for a quad and $10,000 for a double. We could also try to buy used boats for less.

We affix a banner to our tent to identify our team at races. Bob & Eunice Hone bought a flag and a banner. Thank you Bob & Eunice!!!

Of course, this is a direct help! If you would like your donation to go towards something specific such as an oar, an erg or a boat, just let us know. We have naming options too!


About Donations

We are a 501(c)(3). Your donation is tax deductible. We will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. And, if you would like to use your credit card to make a purchase we can arrange that so that you can accumulate points.
Our financial information is available upon request

For More Information
  • E-mail: hs-girls@hollywoodrowing.com
  • Website: www.hollywoodrowing.com
  • Facebook: Hollywood Youth Rowing Club