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  • Annual (September – April): $1,360
  • Fall (September – December): $640
  • Spring (January – April): $720


Payment Plans

  • Annual, if paid by Sept 1: $1,224 (10% discount)
  • Fall, if paid by Sept 1: $608 (5% discount)
  • Spring, if paid by Jan 1: $684 (5% discount)
  • Monthly, due by the 1st of every month (Sept 1 – April 1):  $170 (no discount)


New Rowers

New rowers are welcome to attend practices for their first two weeks before making a commitment.  This Two Week Trial Period costs $80 and will be deducted from your annual dues should you decide to join. You will also be eligible for any applicable discounts.

All coaches are volunteer and dues go towards equipment and operations. Dues do not include race costs such as hotels, meals, regatta entry fees and uniforms. These are additional costs and vary as to the location of the regatta.

Payments may be made in cash or with checks payable to Hollywood Rowing Club.