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In order to be our best, it is very important that every rower attend every practice.  You will improve your rowing technique as well as your physical fitness.  This in turn will make our whole team faster!

  • General: The coaches assume you will be at each practice.  But, we also understand that things do come up.  So, if you know you will not be at a particular practice, please text Coach Jess at (954) 805-8132 and Coach Megan at (954) 275-2909 by 4PM on Sunday of that week.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume you will make all practices for the week.
  • Illness: If you become ill, text Coach Jess at (954) 805-8132 and Coach Megan at (954) 275-2909 to let us know you will not be able to practice.  Rest up and take care of yourself!
  • No Show/Late: Every practice is planned beforehand assuming every rower will be there.  In addition to planning workouts based on each rower’s experience, we also ensure there will be enough coaches, enough boats and enough coxswains.  It is very disruptive to everyone if you do not show up.  Your boat will be waiting on you to go out.  Please be considerate!
  • Line-ups: Attendance will be noted at each practice and will be a factor in making practice and race line-ups.