For Experienced Rowers

Experienced rowers who are visiting South Florida are welcome to row with us. Our visitor pass is good for 10 rows and gives you the flexibility to row with us any time during the year. You will find HRC members at the boathouse every Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 to 7:00 am. After this time, most members are out on the water and the boathouse is locked. We are usually off the water with boats washed and back in the boathouse by 9:00 am. Contact us for more information about times to row with club members.

We also welcome college students from South Florida to come row with us during breaks! For most students, our visitor pass is the best option. Feel free to contact us for more information.

For Beginners

Both sweep rowers and those without any prior rowing experience are welcome to participate in learning the art of sculling. We do not have a formal coaching staff; however, we do have a few members with experience teaching sculling technique. This is a great option for local rowers who do not have access to formal coaching, but want to expand their enjoyment of the sport. After two lessons, we ask that you explore one of our membership options to continue rowing with our club.